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Our Story


We are Lise Ménard and Edwar Rodriguez – founders of El Tour Caribe. We hold important above all else your VIP experience as our guest. It is with this in mind that we are proud to bring you our very best adventures and Private Charter journeys.

Your experience matters to us and we understand how precious your vacation time is especially in these challenging times.

Please book with us in total confidence as we promise that you will receive the best service this industry has to offer.

Our Values


We have put together a team of fabulous individuals who have been trained to offer you the highest level of service throughout your private luxury experience with us.

From changing up dive tanks, to serving you a cold drink and telling you more about the fabulous sea creatures you will see, our team members share our passion for the sea and are dedicated to making your experience one you will remember for a long time.


Finding inspiration one adventure at a time.

Our goal is to offer you truly unforgettable experiences that are worth your precious vacation hours.
Our meticulous attention to detail allows you to relax worry free in world class settings.
The corner stone of our promise to you as a guest is that we bring you not only value but peace of mind.
We will take care of all the details so all you have to do is relax and enjoy your Luxury Experience.
In a third world country, where this kind of service is rare, we excel at it.


Let us show you the WOW of the beautiful Dominican Republic.

Our Team

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Edwar Rodriguez

Charisma and charm define Edwar.  Outgoing, funny and a fabulous host, he is sure to make your trip unforgettable.

Lise Menard

Lise Ménard

Attention to detail and meticulous planning define Lise’s approach to each tour.  You can rest assured that careful planning has gone in every detail of your tour.

Victor Rodriguez

Victor Rodriguez

Victor is a very patient and conciencious PADI Dive Instructor who is dedicated to making your experience the most memorable part of your vacation.

Soraida Ramos

Soraida Ramos

Always smiling, Aida is a great hostess preparing the right tappas and drinks to make your outings on the Caribbean Sea memorable.

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Jeyson Ria

Smiling and in love with the ocean, Jeyson is a great snorkel guide. His enthusiasm is contagious and he is sure to make you smile.


Edwardo Portoreal

Always willing to help, Edwardo is one of our captains and crew mates who works hard at making your day memorable.


Wander Fernandez

Wander is one of our most experienced captains.  Calm and self assured, he is always willing ot help make sure safety comes first and that our tours run smoothly.

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Carlos Guerrero

Behind the scenes, Carlos works hard at making sure the office runs smoothly and that our online presence makes us easy for you to find us.

Chef Ery

Chef Ery

Sumptuous flavour in each bite, Chef Ery knows how to prepare the right tappas and meals to complement your fabulous outings on the Caribbean Sea.

Our Partners

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Why We Are Your Best Choice in Punta Cana.

All of our Private Luxury Yacht Charters are fully crewed which means we provide the Captain, First Mate, Bartender, Chef, Snorkel Guide (and Dive Guide if adding diving to your charter).


For our Luxury Yacht Charters we use a support boat with a separate captain so that you can
disembark to visit the islands without wasting your vacation time waiting for a taxi boat (there is no pier at Saona island – without the support boat you would be at the mercy of a local boat waiting to take you to shore).


The list of small things we add is extremely long and detailed.


Rest assured we thrive on knowing that you will be treated like family during your time with us.


Cancellation Policy

If there is inclement weather where the excursion cannot take place, the tour will be rescheduled. If the rescheduling cannot be done, your money will be refunded.

For groups, the 50% down payment required to book services is refundable up to 30 days before the service takes place.

Cancellations for reasons other than the aforementioned shall not be permitted unless otherwise indicated by El Tour Caribe.


This contract between the customer and El Tour Caribe (Hereinafter referred to as the service provider) is subject to the following terms and conditions.

Release/limitations of liabilities

By participating, the customer assumes risk of personal injury, loss or damage to him/herself and his/her personal possessions. The customer releases the service provider from all direct, indirect, punitive incidentals. Special or consequential damages arising from or related to the provision of services, including economic loss, physical or mental injury, or any act, omission or negligence, even if caused in whole or in part by the negligent conduct of the service provider or its employees or agents. If the service provider is unable by law to exclude its liability, the customer agrees that the service provider’s liability is limited to the value of the service purchased.

Indemnification of the Tour Operator

The customer acknowledges having read and understood the Tour Operator’s Terms and Conditions and agrees to discharge and indemnify the Tour Operator with whom the customer travelled from his country of embarkation, his corporate parents, subsidiaries, affiliates, directors, employees, officers and agents from all claims of any nature arising out of such services. The service provider does not have the authority to modify or waive any provision of the Tour Operator’s terms and conditions.

Severability clause

If any portion of this agreement is held invalid or unenforceable, the remaining portion remains in full force and effect; where possible the portion found unenforceable will be construed in a manner consistent with the remaining portions.


This contract is construed according to the laws of the Dominican Republic and the customer is bound to the jurisdiction of the said courts.


Any dispute, demand, claim and/or lawsuit arising out of the operations of El Tour Caribe EARB, S.R.L. and/or its agents and/or representatives and/or Coligrin Tours EIRL, its appurtenances, and/or its agents and/or representatives must be filed in, handled by and/or litigated in a court of competent jurisdiction located solely and exclusively within the country of the Dominican Republic.


Any dispute, demand, claim and/or lawsuit alleging breach of contract, personal injuries and/or death arising out of alleged negligence, gross negligence and/or intentional conduct arising out of the operations of El Tour Caribe EARB, S.R.L. and/or its agents and/or representatives and/or Coligrin Tours EIRL and/or its agents and/or representatives, is hereby agreed to by all parties to be governed exclusively by, decided exclusively by and/or controlled exclusively by the law and judicial procedure of the country of the Dominican Republic.


All parties hereby waive any defenses to personal jurisdiction, and/or impersonam jusrisdiction to sue, or be sued, within the Dominican Republic arising from disputes related to this agreement and/or any matters arising from the performance of this agreement and/or the operations of El Tour Caribe EARB, S.R.L. and/or its agents and/or representatives and/or Coligrin Tours EIRL and/or its agents and/or representatives.

The customer acknowledges having read and understood the above terms and conditions and agrees to be bound by the same. By booking online, the customer will waive certain legal rights, including right to sue for damages.

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