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Starfish Cay

Starfish Cay

Discover the Dominican Republic’s most magical place where dazzling white sand turns the shallow waters into beautiful shades of peacock and green sea turtles beckon you to join them under the waves.Nestled along the southern coast of this island nation, Starfish Cay is the ideal place to share a cold drink with friends, reconnect with a loved one or simply explore this magical place.


This is the perfect destination choice if you wish to go out on a half day snorkeling adventure and see the best of the Dominican Republic.

Starfish Cay aerial

The Best Swimming Spot in the Dominican Republic

Waist deep waters and soft sand bottom make this the most memorable destination for even those who are not great swimmers.  By far the most Instagramable site on the island, the crystal clear shallow waters act as your personal oasis. 


It is like swimming in a pool in the middle of the ocean only the sea floor is covered with beautiful starfish giving this magical place its name.

Good to know

Travel Time Needed

One Hour by boat in each direction

Suitable for

Families, Couples and Groups looking for a beautiful escape

Language spoken


Sea life most often seen

Starfish, turtles, stingrays, colorful tropical fish

Area (km2)

9.6 km²

The Perfect Half Day Escape

Starfish Cay has everything you could wish for to make this your perfect vacation getaway and allow you to escape from life’s everyday obligations.

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