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Évasion de rêve : Excursion privée sur L’île Saona à bord de « La Dichosa »

Imaginez-vous naviguer sur des eaux turquoise, entouré de plages de sable blanc immaculé et de paysages à couper le souffle.

The Lure of the Sea

Sitting on the beach, watching the waves crashing onto shore only to fade away again into their never ending cycle, I wonder: what is it about this eternal lullaby, sung by the sea, that pulled me so strongly to move to the Dominican Republic? Is it the peaceful and calming sounds of the sea that […]

The 5 Best Private Boat Trips in The Dominican Republic

As private boat charter specialists, at El Tour Caribe we often get asked what is the best boat trip in the Dominican Republic? The answer is quite simple – that depends on you and your preferences.  There is a boat trip to suit every taste in the Dominican Republic, from a trip to the powdery […]