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The 5 Best Private Boat Trips in The Dominican Republic

As private boat charter specialists, at El Tour Caribe we often get asked what is the best boat trip in the Dominican Republic?

The answer is quite simple – that depends on you and your preferences.  There is a boat trip to suit every taste in the Dominican Republic, from a trip to the powdery white sand beaches of Canto de la Playa to impressive whale watching in Samaná. Find your favorite Dominican boat tour with our handy guide.

Canto de la Playa

Off the beaten path, Canto de la Playa forms part of Saona Island. This untouched jewel of the Dominican Republic boasts powdery white sand beaches fringed by crystal clear waters. Birds, calling out from an uninhabited jungle, greet you as you arrive at this magical escape. With no lounge chairs nor crowds, you are free to explore as you see fit. 

Noteworthy: Day trips to this area normally include a stop in the tiny village of Mano Juan where you can visit the turtle sanctuary.

Total travel time to get there is approximately 1.5 hours in each direction from Bayahibe.

Saona Island

Saona Island is the most visited island of the Dominican Republic. While it can get quite busy, there are still some beaches that cater to the more exclusive groups. 

The clear waters of the Caribbean Sea combined with the endless palm trees that line its shoreline, make it the picture perfect destination.

Located slightly more than 19 kilometers from the mainland of the Dominican Republic, it is accessible only by boat.  

Total travel time to get there is approximately 1 hour in each direction from Bayahibe.

Catalina Island

Catalina Island is the hedonistic paradise beach lovers dream about. With its clear turquoise shades of the Caribbean Sea as your backdrop, and powdery white sand under your toes, it is the perfect stop in paradise.  

Most popular with snorkelers and scuba divers it draws many ocean lovers to its magical shores.  

Catalina Island is located 2.5 kilometers from the mainland of the Dominican Republic. 

It is most famous for The Wall, where a shallow coral plateau drops off 35 meters to form a beautiful coral wall.  

The second most visited site at Catalina Island is The Aquarium, a beautiful coral reef at 12 meters that schools of tropical fish call home.

Whether you scuba dive, snorkel, play beach volleyball, hike the path at the top of the hill to the dive platform, or simply soak in the Caribbean sunshine you are sure to enjoy your day on this fabulous island. 

Total travel time to get there is approximately 1 hour in each direction from Bayahibe.

Starfish Cay (Palmillas)

Starfish Cay is best known for crystal clear waters that are waist deep and are sure to enchant any visitor. 

Named for the large orange starfish who call this place home, it is certainly a magical place.

Witness spectacular sunsets in an amazing and unique setting and see for yourself what undoubtedly qualifies as the Most “instagrammable” tour with stunning photo opportunities.

Total travel time to get there is approximately 30 minutes in each direction from Bayahibe.

Samaná Bay Whale Watching

The magnificent peninsula of Samana with its majestic mountains act as the backdrop for the annual migration of the Humpback whales. 

This is where the humpback whales migrate each year in order to give birth to their calves and nurse their newborns. They can be seen from Mid January to the end of March each year, after which the adult whales, along with their new born calves make the return journey home to northern Atlantic waters. 

A private whale watching tour is the perfect way to witness this dazzling display of one of mother nature’s oldest rituals – Humpback whales breaching the surface and slapping with their giant fins and tails in grandiose messages to each other.

While the reason behind much of the impressive displays put on by the humpback whales is still very much a mystery; it is without doubt one of the most “instagrammable” moments during your visit to the Dominican Republic providing you with stunning photo opportunities and awe inspiring memories.

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